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Author: Mistur

Fan Expo Toronto 2016

We hit Fan Expo Toronto 2016 with 3 cameras and snapped a lot of photos. The show was great but even better were the people in full cosplay. The show was huge covering both the North and South buildings in the Metro Convention Centre. Bring comfy shoes and a camera but be prepared for the large crowds. This show is popular! Photos by Bob, Ursula and Samantha Roman....

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Fredau in Colour, Black & White (NSFW)

Fredau is one of those models that just make you, the photographer, look good. Fredau is an amazing talent who can own the camera with a simple gaze. She knows exactly how to elegantly position her hands to enhance a simple portrait....

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Milk Bath

MILK BATH I posted one of these photos on Flickr and a comment was made “dressed in the tub”? True, most people don’t wear clothing in a tub, or fill it with milk and flowers, however it is a tried and true concept. I think the lingerie and dress add a nice splash of colour. Rain effect in the wet studio. Indoor wet studio. Kaitlin really worked hard throughout all the wet sets. ISO 640, f/8.0, 1/125 Equipment: Sony A7RII, Batis 85/1.8, Sony Zeiss...

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