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The Fujifilm X100S, that was the camera that took me to the streets. Watching Zack Arias shoot the X100S on the streets inspired me to buy one. Imagine, just swing a camera around your neck, walk the street and you are doing it. Taking pictures. Prior to our interest in street photography, we shot a lot of models.

Prep for a model shoot was extensive. Find the model, discus concept, hair and makeup. Then there’s the location, in studio or outdoors. Time and date. Outfits. Find an MUA. Lighting choices. Camera choices. Haul gear. Setup. Wait an hour while MUA does her thing. It took weeks to organize and dozens of emails and messages. And sometimes the model’s grandma died and the whole shoot is scraped. It was a lot of work to just take some pictures. Now don’t get me wrong. We got some amazing photos when all the variables fell into place. Worth it, Yes. But now I can grab my camera and just go. No lights, no models, no plan. Just walk and look for a shot, something interesting.

So I covered the easy part. Grab camera, walk on street. Let’s put this out there right now. Street Photography is hard! It is hard to make good pictures. I’ve seen a lot of crap street photography, no subject, no focal point, no story, no gesture, no expression, no mood, no story. There are rules but that a subject on it’s own. Maybe I’ll make a video about the rules. A photo of a bunch of people standing on a sidewalk – is not good street photography. I have shot only a handful of images I consider “not bad”. It’s hard so know your camera inside out. Be ready to anticipate. Understand composition. Find interesting backgrounds. Don’t be scared. Practise until you’re not scared to raise your camera and click that shutter 4 feet in front of someone.


The camera that took me to the streets. Photo by Bob Roman
Guinness Time
50 Off by Ursula Roman
Life Less Ordinary
Taking a Moment
Feeling Small
Wanna see me juggle?
Can I take your picture?

Street / Black and White
Will werk for idiots
Just playing
No Cigarettes No Matches
Anything Helps
The Player
What? What!

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