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Street Portraits

Portraits of complete strangers we met on the streets of Toronto.

In 2013 we started a blog called Street Style Toronto – link to that blog is Street-Style.ca We love shooting street photography. After shooting models for a number the years, the idea of just grabbing a camera and hitting the streets was liberating. Street photography is hard. Good street photography that is. Often we would see someone looking cool walking down the street and in a second or two that opportunity for a good photo is gone. Off they go. Chasing someone is not recommended. Then one sleepless night at around three in the morning – it hit me. I shook my wife Ursula, who was sound asleep next to me and said “You know those cool people we see on the street and we can never get a good shot of them. Well we are going to stop them and ask if they have 3 minutes to pose for us. We’ll create a street style blog and post the images there!”  So it began.

The images shown here were shot with Nikon, Sony, Fuji and Canon. It doesn’t matter which camera I used, the work remains the same.

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